Flodeen/Thigpen Wedding!

It was a rainy Friday when Lisa and Greg chose to have a small wedding ceremony to commit themselves to each other. It turned out so beautiful!  They got married by a judge in the garden of HIS yard in St Mary’s Point MN. I thought it was really nice that the judge offered his garden for them to use!   It was a quick ceremony under the beautiful canopy of trees, during quiet moments I could here thunder rolling in the background as rain threatened the entire event. The sun would peek out and then it would start to sprinkle, then the sun would be back. None of us knew at what point the rain would just come pouring down!  Their 20 or so guests were determined and stuck it out despite the risk of getting wet and regardless of the 1000 mosquitos biting our legs.  The only thing that mattered were Greg, Lisa and their kids.  The guests were all troopers as we plowed through family photos as fast as possible.  By the time we all left the ceremony location, I was soaking wet (luckily the guests got to leave as soon as the rain started), but I got the shots I wanted and shortly thereafter, the sun came out!

The couple, along with their families, went to a park in Woodbury, MN where they had cake, wine and celebrated the union of the couple  – who had been together for more than a decade.   The sun was shining and everyone was laughing and enjoying such a joyful event.

The bride and I had a conversation prior to the wedding and she requested that any face shots not be posted publicly or on social media, so for that reason, you will not find any typical wedding photos in this blog (except the ones she approved me to share).   I want to respect my bride and groom’s wishes as best I can.  She has given me permission to share the entire gallery in a more private setting.  Contact me if you are interested in seeing the rest of the photos (you can find me on Facebook or email me at SamanthaChavezPhotography@gmail.com!

When I started this adventure, I never imagined I would be a wedding photographer.  This small event was the perfect jumping off point to see if weddings were an angle I’d want to go, and you know what? I loved it!  I had so much fun capturing all the precious moments between these two! Sure I was exhausted, tired, slightly overwhelmed… The day was amazing and the experience was one I’ll never forget.  I can’t wait to photograph my next wedding!









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