Londynn (6 months) – Child Photography Session

Even though it’s summer and pretty out here in Minnesota, we decided to do this session indoors.  First of all, it’s a bit hot out for the littlest ones. Also I have all these cute and adorable props and backdrops that are perfect for indoor sessions.  For this one I actually did 2 sessions in one.  Two seperate little girls that are best friends.  Londynn and her mom Amanda came first so we started with them.  It was amazing to work with Londynn again!  I’ve done a maternity session for her, a first48 session in the hospital, a newborn session at their home, and now a 6 month session at my home!  What an amazing experience to watch her grow up!

Londynn doesn’t take her eyes off my camera. She’s completely entranced and her eyes will follow me around the room everywhere I go.  I don’t know if it’s the weird big black thing in my hands, the flash or just my smile.   Lucky for us Londynn is a happy baby. We only had a few brief struggles when she started getting hungry.  I was so excited to be able to use some of my new props for Miss Londynn!  IMG_0039-Edit IMG_0042-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0065-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0071-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0106-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0111-Edit-2_edited-1


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