Derek – Senior Session

I was asked a few months ago to donate a package to a fundraiser for a friend who’s mom had cancer. Sadly the end of her life was quickly approaching and they wanted some funding help. I gladly donated a basket and package to the cause and was excited to see what would come of it.  We attended the fundraiser for a short time and I was pleased to see a bunch of bids on the package.

I was contacted a short while later by a woman who had won the bid and wanted to do her son’s senior pictures.  PERFECT.  I was pleased to learn that he was also on the high school football team and was into long boarding as a hobby.  So much fun!   Here’s a few of my favorites from the session!   I hadn’t had a male model for senior portraits before, so it was nice to break out of my comfort zone and do something new!

Senior photos are so fun because it’s such an exciting part of a person’s life. It’s a whole new world they will soon be walking in to and you can see it during the session. A senior session is the stepping stone to their senior year and greater things to come.

So here’s a a few of my favorite’s from Derek’s senior session!   Class of 2016!
IMG_0317-Edit-2_edited-1 IMG_0343-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0346-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0349-Edit-2_edited-1 IMG_0388-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0394-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0412-Edit_edited-2 IMG_0433-Edit_edited-2 IMG_0444-Edit_edited-2 IMG_0455-Edit_edited-1 IMG_0467-Edit_edited-1


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