Angela’s Family Session | Carver Lake

Sunday was a beautiful day for photos, and I’m so glad!  I had a full day of sessions planned and was hoping for great weather. Mother Nature did cooperate and gave us an 80 degree day with sunshine!  After the 60 degree weather we’d been having I was worried about being quite cold out there, but I was perfectly comfortable!

First I met Angela at the park where we gathered her nieces and nephews.   The kids only lasted about 45 minutes into the session before they were over it, which is very typical for kids.  It’s rare that a child will be cooperative and well behaved for an entire 1 hour session.  Little Miss Tatum refused to give me any smiles though, I only got 1 single smile. Luckily I caught it!

Kids are tough, it’s no surprise to me when they get to the point that they are over it, they no longer want to listen or do what you are asking. It’s really typical for them to get bored with it and at some point my tricks no longer work.  If this happens to you, just know that we get it.  It’ll be fine and your pictures will still be great.

I got some really cute shots of this family and I can’t wait to share them with you!

IMG_3139 Gallery IMG_3156 gallery IMG_3160gallery IMG_3167 gallery IMG_3206 gallery IMG_3264 gallery IMG_3275 gallery


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