Hunter Raymond | Newborn Session

My nephew Hunter was welcomed into the world on Christmas Day!   I was more than happy to do newborn photos for my adorable new nephew and did some shots of the entire family too!   Newborns are my toughest clients, but the images are always priceless!

I loved how this session turned out and can’t wait to share them with you!    When planning a newborn session, you never want to do it after they turn 2 weeks.  At that point they become more alert, wanting to stretch and move a bit.  Anything before 2 weeks is generally great because they are still in their sleepy newborn phase!  If your baby is in the NICU because they were born early, it’s generally ok to do them when they get home from the hospital because newborns born early will stay in their newborn phase till they are the equivalent of 42 weeks!  Hunter was just over a week old which is perfect for his newborn session!   He cooperated beautifully until he had enough.

Here’s a few of my favorites from Hunter’s newborn session!



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