Military Homecoming!! | US Air Force

I watched as my sister met a man she’d someday marry.  My baby sister, a married – college graduate – lives in her own place…. Suddenly she became a big girl.  One month after their beautiful (although a bit stressful!!) wedding, she would send her new husband off with the US Air Force overseas.  He’d be in Kuwait for the next 6-9 months.  It was a long hard wait.  I watched as she struggled to find herself, to figure how to be a newlywed without her new husband.  I watched and listened as she talked about the lonely nights, the Skype chats and the worry.

Finally the time came to plan his homecoming!  Such an anxious exciting time. Again I sat and watched the rollercoaster of emotions she was going through.  The excitement and anticipation, the longing for his hugs, the need to have him by her side again, the nerves, the wondering how they would reconnect and rekindle the relationship.  I listened as she stressed about how this was all going to work out in the end and assured her that it would, many ladies (and men too!) have gone through this exact thing before her and was grateful that she had befriended some of them.

Soon the messages began flowing in: “Should I make this sign… or this one??”  “I’m not cleaning the house first, should I be cleaning the house first?”  “What if he gets back and we don’t connect like we did before??”  “His flight is delayed”  “I don’t know when he’ll be home 😦 ”  then finally, the one I didn’t realize I wanted to receive “Hey, do you want to come with me to pick Jon up and take photos????”

“OMG YES!” was my only reply.

So we texted every moment leading up to the second we could finally go get him.  The nerves she was experiencing were intense.  Hot flashes, shakes, cold flashes, light headedness. It was hard to watch, but all I could do was try to talk her through it.

Then we left.  We drove away and her face was both lit up with excitement – and fear.  I understood, I never did until that moment.

She showed me around the base, I snapped photos of the air force planes and other miscellaneous things.  Then we pulled up to the waiting area.  She couldn’t sit still. She paced. She jumped around. She nearly cried.

Then the most exciting words “The bus is pulling in!”

The rest, I can only put into pictures as words fail me.  This is a moment I’ll never forget, it still brings tears to my eyes as I relive it through the photos.  Editing them was emotional, but healing.   The photos are few, the moments only lasted seconds. The photos however, speak volumes.

In the process, I was able to capture her friend’s kids and family too, but I wasn’t able to get approval to publish those. If I ever do, I’ll update the post!

I’ll let you see for yourself.



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