Cottage Grove | Londynn | 1 year cake smash!!

Remember Londynn?  I’ve photographed her many times before, here let me remind you of her previous sessions!!!

Miss Londynn visited me at home in my “studio” for her ONE YEAR session – a cake smash session!  I cannot believe I have photographed this beautiful little lady’s entire life!  She’s always a peach for me and my camera and is an adorable subject!  She gets her personality from her momma who is super sweet too!  I have a special session in mind this summer for Miss Londynn, I think her mom is going to love it!

The session went great, we started with some formal portraits and after those were done we brought out the cake.  She was intrigued at first, but stayed away from it for the most part.  As is completely typical for cake smash sessions, she ultimately wanted nothing to do with the cake and ended up crying!  It’s ok, it’s so so so common for cake smash sessions (pinterest is a liar!).  The images are still adorable, the cake was super cute and even the crying picture is priceless.

Can’t wait to see you for your next session Miss Londynn!!!

Happy 1st Birthday big girl!!!



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