Mr & Mrs Johnson | Wedding

I was contacted sort of last minute to photograph a courthouse wedding. I was contacted by one of my best friend’s mom.  She has followed my journey since it started and has always been an avid fan and supporter.

They contacted me because my best friend’s brother Matt was getting married at a local courthouse that week and they were hoping I could come take some photos for them.  Even though I knew them, I was so nervous!  It was winter, I didn’t have a lot of wedding experience and I knew I’d be extremely limited by the building interior.  I went not knowing exactly what I was going to be doing.

Everyone that was there was excited.  The ceremony was short and sweet as expected.  I thought it was neat that the bride and groom didn’t exchange rings, instead they exchanged cross necklaces.

They had a reception at a local restaurant with dinner and cake.  I was able to attend for a few minutes, but then had to go.

I was grateful they contacted me to take some photographs for them of their day.  It doesn’t matter if the event is big, or small. It’s so important to have good images of such a huge milestone in a person’s life!!


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