Woodbury Lutheran Church | Wedding | Miranda and Aaron

This session marks my first formal wedding so far!  I was so excited going into this wedding I’m sure the family thought I was crazy!  The wedding was at Woodbury Lutheran Church in Woodbury, MN.  What a beautiful church for a wedding.

I brought along my second shooter Jacob to help me out.  He was able to do photos of the groomsmen while I was busy getting photos of the girls getting ready for the big day.  It worked out perfectly that when they were done, it was time for the ladies to get their photos taken!

This group was so fun, loving and positive.  It was a really great experience photographing their special day for them!

The Ceremony was beautiful and quick.  They had a sand ceremony instead of candles and the set up was lovely!  The did a beautiful job with the decorations of the space and putting the entire event together. Before walking down the aisle at the end of the ceremony, they stopped for a quick selfie with the officiant.  The entire church was laughing!

The family was friendly, warm and accepting.  They were so patient as we plowed through family photos, holding them off from the cake reception they really wanted to get to.  Due to some limits on their official reception at The Happy Knome in St Paul, they had to cut back on the guest list. To make sure everyone was included they did a cake reception at Woodbury Lutheran Church in The Bridge, which was a lovely location for such an event.   The cupcakes, were to die for!!

I’m sure Mr and Mrs Everson are busy enjoying the newlywed life.  I wish them nothing but the absolute best – they deserve it!!  Congratulations Miranda and Aaron!!!



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