Vermillion Falls | Family session | Heather

Heather was a referral from a friend of mine.  I love working with referred clients because they already have a realistic expectation.  Usually there’s been a conversation with whomever is referring them, it makes my job so much easier!

Heather contacted me stating that she was referred to me by a mutual friend and that she was looking to have some family photos taken.  She mentioned in her initial message that she was 11 years overdue, she’d NEVER had family photos done!  It always makes me a little sad to hear that, every parent needs to have family photos to proudly display and share.  Parents want to show off their kids and families!!!

She told me a little about her kids as we discussed location options for her session.  She chose Vermillion Falls in Hastings which is a popular spot because there are so many options!  I love shooting sessions there because my creativity can run wild, there’s so many different parts of the park!

Her kids were GREAT for the entire session! They were so patient as we waited for the sun to hide behind the clouds again, they followed direction beautifully and I even convinced them to get into some poses that felt awkward to them! None of the kids wanted to smile big for me though, but I did manage to get them and at one point the oldest said “She got me!”.     Perfectly behaved kids is definitely not an expectation I have when going into a session with kids, let’s be real, I have kids and they are FAR from well behaved for photos.  It is a really pleasant surprise when it does happen though!

I’m so pleased to be able to deliver some beautiful family photos for Heather to have.  I can’t wait until she wants another session!

IMG_9017-2IMG_9033 copyIMG_9053IMG_9106IMG_9108IMG_9129IMG_9157IMG_9177


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