Model Call!

Part of my mission in running my business is one of constant personal growth.  For that reason I am always looking for photography related conferences, classes and courses to improve myself.

Recently a friend gave me a wonderful gift.  This was an online course – a pretty expensive course – put on by an amazing photographer.  It’s been a HUGE time commitment, but the amount of information and skills I’m being given are priceless!  I’m very very excited to put these things into action!



For that reason I’m putting out a model call!  I’m looking for a couple – husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/husband, girlfriend/girlfriend, I’m not picky!  The only requirement is that it be a couple as these will be engagement style (even if you aren’t engaged!) and the location has to be somewhere near the twin city metro area.  I’d love to get some nominations for people who are amidst a fresh start or went through something tough, maybe couldn’t afford engagement photos.  I’ll take people who volunteer themselves also!

I’m only doing 3 of these sessions regardless of how many submissions or volunteers I get!  To sign up, go to my Facebook page at Samantha Chavez Photography, like my page and comment on the post for this blog “I will volunteer!” or tag a friend.  The friend will need to comment “I’m in!” and will need to like my page also in order to be considered.  Selections will be made by my committee and winners will be announced on my Facebook Page. Winners will be announced on Monday, May 3rd!  So get submitted before midnight on Sunday, May 2nd!

I’m also hoping to do the session as soon as it’s getting warmer!  So I’m looking at May 7th through May 13th.

The session will be totally free for you, I only ask  that when you see the images and are excited to share, you mention my business!  You will receive the same exact service a paying customer would receive as well as digital downloadable images.


One thought on “Model Call!

  1. Number 1 on my wish list is pictures of S/O and me.we’ve been together 12 yrs and have never had beautiful pictures taken by a photographer


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