Phalen Park – St Paul MN | Wedding | Stephanie and Michael

Stephanie and Michael first met right around a year ago.  It didn’t take these two very long to realize they needed to be together forever!   Stephanie was bringing two small boys into the relationship and Michael was bringing one. After a few short months, sparks were flying.  Their engagement was also short and they knew they wanted a smaller event, which helped them enjoy the engagement process even more!   Then, together with their friends and family on Saturday May 14th 2016, Stephanie and Michael met at Phalen Park in St Paul. They trekked across a small bridge to meet under the willow tree where they would exchange their rings and commit themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.


It was a brisk Saturday afternoon, cool and windy was what the forecast read that morning.  When I arrived at Phalen Park, the sun was nicely shining as the willow branches gently swayed in the breeze.  The water was  textured with ripples and the geese were lounging in the sunlight as the otters and turtles were casually swimming by.   There were bridges and trees, animals and people surrounding the park.  This, was a dream location.

When the bride and groom arrived I just started clicking away.   It was exciting to see so much joy in someone’s face.   The location was stunning, it was a lovely day although I would have preferred about 20 degrees warmer myself.  The surroundings were beautiful and the bride and groom along with their families  were pleased that it didn’t rain!

The wedding didn’t go off without any snags though, as Phalen Park is very large with a variety of areas, some didn’t know where to go and unfortunately the bride’s brother didn’t find the location in time.   But everyone was in good spirits anyway and ultimately found each other and the correct location.

Stephanie originally contacted me regarding her wedding just a few short months ago.    I quickly learned that I had also photographed Michael’s sister’s wedding last fall, in fact that was the first wedding I ever shot!!  Remember this image???


I was thrilled to photograph yet another wedding for this family.  They really are a lovely group.   Here’s a few of my favorite images!

blog -2

The location was Phalen Park in St. Paul.  When we met she told me to go to the very last lot where I’d see 2 bridges. Walk down the hill and across the smaller bridge, around the corner there is a willow tree, they’d be married under that willow.  Sounds amazing doesn’t it?  It was.


blog -15

They bring with them 3 boys.  Two are hers, one is his. Now they are a joined family of 5!

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There was so much wildlife surrounding us; geese were swimming, ducks fish and even an otter!

blog -189blog -191


blog -87

Together these 5 make one stunning family!

blog -120

Have a FABULOUS time in LAS VEGAS!!!


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