Hastings MN | Police week | Open house

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Chief Schafer of the Hastings Police Department to photograph the Police Week Open House even they hosted.  They invited members of the community to come down and enjoy grilled hot dogs, exploring emergency vehicles and mingling with the police officers and sheriffs.  It seems everyone really enjoyed getting out as a community to support their local officers.

The most incredible experience for me was when I had the opportunity to get up on the fire trucks ladder, go way up high and shoot some shots from above!  It was scary, exhilarating, and incredible to have such an opportunity!! Here’s some photos from up on top!

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It seemed everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed watching as some of the police officers received various awards for all different kinds of achievements.   It was great to watch as the officers proudly stood in front of their community members to receive their award.

The department offered free hot dogs, popcorn, and tours of the department behind the scenes.

I hope to see many more of these events happening in the future for Hastings and for other communities as well!

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