St Paul Park, MN | Maternity | Stevie and Denny

Stevie and I go back a long way.  A few years ago Stevie lived across the street from me and once we met, we quickly became friends. Soon she would move in for a short time.  We were so close.  In fact, Stevie was with me at the sonogram when the radiologist crashed my world with news that something was wrong with our son.  Soon after that experience, Stevie moved north and it was too far away for us to get together very often.  Although staying in touch happened few and far between, we stayed in touch enough to know what was going on in each other’s lives.   I was greeted at the mailbox with an invite to her wedding!

Stevie knew before her wedding day that although her new husband already had 2 children that they had full time, she wanted some of her own.  I was thrilled the day I got the call announcing that she was pregnant and would need maternity photos done!   Soon after that she found out it would be a little girl, they were so excited!!

Scheduling her maternity session was not easy, in fact scheduling a session is very rarely an easy feat.  But we made it happen and included the older kids too!  We met down at Lion’s Levee Park in St Paul Park, right on the Mississippi river.  How fun is that???

Here’s a few of my favorite images from their session!

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