Stillwater, MN | Engagement Session | Chris and Paul

Chris and Paul signed up for the free engagement session I offered a few weeks ago! After having to do a little rescheduling we made this session happen!

Chris and Paul met when she owned a local gym and would help the fire fighters within the gym. Guess where she met Paul! 😉 Chris has 4 beautiful children while Paul has none. Chris’ youngest child has some very special needs, but Paul didn’t flinch. He’s accepted these children as his own. He stepped in to Chris’ life and never looked back.

Chris and I bonded over chatter about angel babies. Her youngest was a twin, sadly the second baby passed away at delivery. The fact that we are both angel moms really created a connection for us.

This adorable couple was so much fun, so willing to just put themselves out there in front of my camera and go with it.

It really was a pleasure working with them down in Downtown Stillwater by the river.
They are expecting an amazing wedding day this summer featuring an amazing looking barn! Here’s a few images from their engagement session!!


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