Eagan Community Center | Eagan MN | Wedding | Michelle and Jake!

Michelle and Jake met a few years ago at a birthday party.   They bonded over their love for hockey that continues to this day.  This couple goes to dozens of hockey games every year and when they contacted me, they wanted to do 2 separate engagement sessions. They wanted a regular outdoor session to show their love of nature. They wanted a second session at a hockey rink.  Sadly due to time, we were never able to complete the hockey themed session.

IMG_2407 copy

Their beautiful flowers were from Bel Fiore in Woodbury

I discovered at their wedding that I am not the only one who can see how special their connection is and how strong their love is.  They truly have a one of a kind relationship.  They get each other, 100%.  They have each other’s backs no matter what.  They look out for each other.

Their venue – The Eagan Community Center provided amazing surroundings for every moment of Mr and Mrs Townsend’s amazing day, including their first look/reveal!

DSC_9318 copy
I always watch the weather in the weeks leading up to any wedding, but the week of this wedding was especially unpredictable!  One day there would be a chance of rain, the next day it showed zero chance on their big day.  The prediction even changed the day before.  That morning I woke up and saw that it was predicted to be around 70 degrees and a
chance of rain in the afternoon – right at the time of photos and ceremony.

As the bride and groom were getting ready, the clouds began to look a little… rainy. The venue began pressing for a decision.  Risk rain and continue with the ceremony outside, or have them set up for an indoor ceremony.  At the persistence of their amazing wedding party, the bride and groom decided to follow their dream of an outdoor ceremony, carefully assuming people would bring umbrellas.

Everybody was so grateful she went with her heart, at the time of the ceremony there was sunshine!  20 minutes after the ceremony ended the sprinkling rain started.  Lucky for us it only sprinkled and we were able to go on with family photos without much of a hitch.

IMG_3960 copy
The support these two received throughout the day was amazing to see. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were very focused on the two stars of the show.  They all seemed to understand why they were there, for Michelle and Jake! They looked stunning! I loved the colors – a pretty minty green and grey.  Amazing.

IMG_2805 copyIMG_3582 copy

IMG_2782 copy

As guests entered into the reception space they were greeted by an elegant assortment of hockey themed decorations with beautiful candles and flowers. I was flattered to see photos from their engagement session last year displayed around their reception space. The meal was delicious and the toasts were HILARIOUS!  The guests were a fun loving bunch who would pile into the Photo Booth and run out to the dance floor.


Paul, their Djay provided amazing entertainment and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The fact that he was choreographing their entire reception spoke volumes about how much he enjoyed his career.

IMG_4811 2 copy

First dance was “All of Me, Loves All of You” by John Legend

IMG_5105 2 copy

He slid in for the garter like a baseball player.  Too funny!

IMG_5317 2 COPY


IMG_4300 copy

Michelle loved twirling in her dress SO much!

The creative team was amazing for this beautiful wedding day!  A huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Townsend!  I hope you had an absolute blast in Mexico!!!







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