Throw back! | First ever wedding!

Throw back to 1 year ago….

When I started my business, I had zero desire to do weddings. I had thought about it, considered it, but didn’t really think that was a direction I would go.  I love my families, I love the kids I take photos of, and that was where I planned to stay.

Then I was contacted about a wedding.  I thought about it for a bit and decided you know what, I should at least try. This was the perfect opportunity for me to experiment. It was a small wedding, about 20 people in a judge’s backyard garden.  They just wanted someone to capture their special day.

I was nervous. I didn’t know if this was something I was up for. Once everyone started arriving though, I felt at home.  Instinct kicked in and I suddenly knew exactly what to do.  Throughout the ceremony, rain loomed in the distance. We were simultaneously listening to the bride and groom get married, and thunder in the distance.  The bugs were thick, but nobody seemed to mind.

Immediately after a perfect ceremony, the rain started to fall. It started slow, just sprinkles.  We got family photos in before the rain really began to fall.   Luckily a few of us had umbrellas so it wasn’t to detrimental.  In fact, that was when I got a shot that remains my favorite to this day.  Remember this image?

I decided to follow the family to their reception which was at a park nearby. The rain had stopped.  Their celebration was so small and quaint. It was PERFECT. Especially for my first time shooting a wedding!

Although it isn’t necessarily the same style as I use now when I shoot a wedding, it was an amazing start!  I’m proud of the images I produced considering I only barely knew what I was doing!

For this flashback I’m going to show you a few of my favorites.  By contract I was only allowed to share images that didn’t show their faces (with the exception of the one above that I got special approval for).  Enjoy flashing back with me!!!



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