Carver Lake, Woodbury MN | Engagement session | Brittany and Randy

Awhile back I heard of a local benefit for a boy who needed a service dog.  The dog would help him get through each day with his disabilities. I decided I would donate a 1 hour session to the benefit and hopefully it would be a little more help for the family.

Recently I received a call from the woman who ended up with the session!  I couldn’t have been more excited to learn that the session would be summer engagement photos before their wedding.

We planned to meet in the evening at Carver Lake Park in Woodbury.  The day was overcast and all the samples she sent me were backlit, bummer!  That was ok though, it was still plenty hot and humid for us 😉

Immediately we learned that the boardwalk I planned to use at the park was closed for construction.  Yay for updating but so sad that I didn’t get to use it as a built in prop.   I quickly learned that Brittany and Randy are outdoor type people who love the beach – perfect!

Brittany and Randy are both teachers that love their job.  They are planning  a beautiful wedding September 3rd at Trellis in Stillwater.  I can only imagine the beauty they will experience for their garden ceremony!!!

Here’s a few of my favorite images from their engagement session!  I had so much fun with these images!!!



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